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Age: 34
Gender: Male
Location: Irvine, CA

Member Since: 11/02/2003

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Damn you Honda!

I thought I'd wake up early and come into work around 7:30 ish... That way i could head to the gym around 4ish and get home early to do some things around the house (mainly clean up my room and pick up my dirty chonies Tougue ).

I turn on the radio and it looks like thereís traffic sig alerts everywhere. People crashing, stalling, spinning out of control do the heavy rains..

As I drive along the 5 freeway I heard on KFWB (news 980 ;D) that thereís a accident on the 10, to the 110 interchange. So I start to think to myself "These a-holes are ruining it for everyone driving all crazy.. now I'll be late to work Mad "

So I'm bumper to bumper for maybe about 40 min... (it usually takes 20 min. to get to work). I'm almost about to turn onto the 110 (right by staples center) and I noticed a deep, long puddle. The 1st thing i start to think of is... "Omg.. My cold air intake is not going to get thru this" I've heard of cars stalling do to their cold air intakes being flooded by water. I've heard.... but never seen or experienced it....... Until today Crying or Very sad

There I am... stalled.... because of a stupid puddle on the freeway. Actually... I sort of just lost power then came to a complete stop. So I try to turn my car over... Thinking it would just start up like nothing happened. Nope.. it doesnít. To make it worse my amp isnít really connected right so the bass is constantly going every time I try to start my car. I pull the fuse for the amp in the fuse box and remembered that my car wont start if that fuse isnt in place. I'm not sure what that fuse is actually for but i know that my amp shouldnít be connect to it.

Ok.. Fuse is pulled.... I know car wont start since I cant find where the fuse goes into without opening the door and looking under the steering wheel.. I'm like "Ok... Looks like I'm stuck here.. Let me call my 24 hour road side assistance" I call them... and after waiting for like 10 min, then advise me to call 911 being that I stalled on a fast lane. I call 911 and its busy? I try again and I get "911 is currently experiencing high volume.... Please stay wait for an operator"... OMG!!!! 911 has a waiting list? So i wait for at least 15 min. before I hear a live person.

Blah.... I got to get to work... The point is my honda blows.. Well.... the point is Iím a lazy a-hole. I actually have a by-pass valve that should of put on my cold air intake when i got it. But no...... Jorge doesnít need it.... No... I donít have time to do it.... It sitting on top of my t.v. in my bedroom.... All this could have been prevented. Embarassed

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Jun 07, 2005 10:04 am
"911 has a waiting list" Laugh Out Loud

That's funny dude. Laugh Out Loud
May 31, 2005 12:43 pm
por pinche flojo buey!..... Very Happy
Jan 09, 2005 11:07 pm
Thats fucked up's a funny story thought.......I'm sure you will find it funny later on.
Dec 29, 2004 4:05 pm
I fixed it Very Happy Bring on the rain!!!! Cheers

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